Business overview

Super 7 Beauty Academy is the project with the idea to help women build effective beauty routine and take care of all health aspects in order to preserve youth and beauty.



Marketing strategy, Logo design, Brand Identity, Landing page, SMM

Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe Illustrator, Figma, FB Ads Manager


1. Design logo & brand identity
2. Design landing page
3. Build marketing strategy for social media.



We developed the following ideas:
1. Brand Identity is based on the combination of tints as the program itself is based on seven aspects of self care to maintain health and beauty (skin, hair, body, hormones, diet, biohacking and happiness).
2. Website design is based on the idea to highlight that human body as a system (shown as a sphere) is a combination of different aspects.
3. As a first part of the strategy for the social media we have developed free training program 'antistress for the skin' in order to help all people who are affected by lockdown and need to take care of their skin while staying at home. This helped us to gain audience trust for Super 7 beauty academy.