Intercharm is an annual event dedicated to beauty industry innovations. Exhibition take place all over the world and also in Moscow.



Exhibition booth design, Brochure design

Adobe Illustrator


Create modern and attractive exhibition booth for Korean cosmetic brands represented on Russian market by AskMask company.

Design for exhibitions, Cosmetics


Exhibition Booth is designed as a cartoon girls room with mirror, shelves and cute details. Cosmetic miniatures (depicted as the real examples) are placed on the table and shelves. All logos are placed in framed pictures on the wall which helps to integrate them in the artwork more smoothly. Artwork is supported by guidelines with furniture and booth features.
Booth is designed as an open space with the ability for visitors to freely enter and also in order to make it visible and attractive from the distance. As a part of exhibition program client filmed interviews at the booth.
Artwork for the wall
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