Logo Design

Brand Identity

Graphic Design

Logo is the point where each brand starts the journey to success. The more memorable the logo, the more effective and efficient the company's communication. A great logo should be timeless. We believe that one measure of a logo is how long it lasts. Trends come and go, but great design lives in time and minds.

Brand identity is the personality of a company, it is like a good suit which speaks for itself. It should be as versatile as it is timeless, easily adapting to suit a company's goals. We start with extensive research and market analysis to determine everything from a brand's typeface to its tone.

Our illustrations are handcrafted works of art. This approach can be seen in everything from icons to heroes and micro-animations. Sometimes decorative, often subtle, always thoughtful—we endearingly refer to these details as a magic tool. They're additions that enrich our projects with a unique personality.